CYOBot is an all-in-one open-source developer kit for learning robotics with 1,000 projects in embedded systems, control, machine learning/AI, robotics, IoT, and more. Instead of buying different kits for every new thing you want to learn, we created one comprehensive kit that guides students through different skill levels and interests in the engineering fields, with practical, industry-relevant applications.

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Project Cocoon

Project Cocoon is a one-stop solution for your projects, a community of project makers helps bring your ideas to reality.

  • Showcase your projects
  • Build your profiles
  • Collaborate with members
  • Get community feedback
  • Find what you need at a much lower cost from our network of industrial partners
  • Build knowledge through our network of educational and training partners

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dumbOt aims at creating a science and engineering education system that values creativity and practical application with two main criteria: FUN and FREE. In the future, the propagation of such education system will allow dumbOt to approach more students. The name dumbOt is the combination of the words “dumb” and “robot”, giving meaning “dumb robot”.

Free workshops are offered in open-ended manners, giving students an opportunity to learn and “play” with their ideas all at the same time. In addition, recycled materials that can be found in everyday life are used to build products, hence fostering creativity.

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